Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Claude Monet: The Cliffs at Etretat

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I chose this painting by Claude Monet because I liked the scenery of the painting and how it stood to most of Monet's paintings because he typically painted scenery and landscapes, but this one was different than the others.  Usually, Monet paints nature from the water of ponds, rivers, woods, and inside the forest.  This water landscape was different than the others because of where it took place and that is what I liked about it.  Also, I feel that this picture is telling a story unlike the others because people are in the water meaning this took place in the summer and the people were swimming in the water enjoying a summer's day.  I also liked the colors used for the rocks, in the water, especially reflecting the rocks, and the strokes from painting.  This work of Monet's seems very simple and to me looked a little different to what he usually paints.

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