Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mary Cassatt: The Reader

This is one of my favorite paintings by Maria Cassatt. This was painted during a time where women had no little to no rights, yet she was one of the leading artists in the Impressionist movements during the 1800s. I genuinely appreciate her work not only because it was reflective of a woman who had to fight against the institutional and societal norms against women pursuing careers, but she was very supportive of up and coming American Artists. This artwork, reflects her beliefs that woman should not follow the restrictions, but strive past them and be an example for others.

Rain Room Review

This is such a different piece of artwork. Being raised in Guyana, primarily known as "the land of many waters," I have a love for the rainy seasons and waterfalls. The color scheme is beautiful and represents the environment and emotions when it rains. I personally love the idea and thought process behind this piece of work, just with the color scheme, rain itself, represents a calming state of mind. That could be why this was such a popular piece of art.

Edgar Degas: The Dancing Art

I chose this painting from Degas because I believe it exemplifies a very important element is his work. After reading about Degas work, I found out to things about him that is very interesting. One he is one of the founders of the impressionist art form. However, Degas saw himself as a realist and rejection the impressionist title. The other think that I found interesting was that more than half of his works displays dancing figures. Hence, I chose this painting. As pertain to this piece, I really like it because of the colors. I believe the painting is has a lot of movement and he uses the color and direction of the strokes to make the movements noticeable and vibrant.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Rain Room

After reading this article, it made me really want to go and see the rain room in person. The idea of this artwork is very different because I have certainly never heard of anything like it before. It sounds really awesome and I think that it is very interesting how the water stops once a human body is detected. I bet it is very cool to be standing around pouring rain and not getting wet. I also really liked the photo that was added into the article because the light did a good job in capturing the rain drops. I also really like that the water is being reused due to drought situations.

Rain Room

At first I didn't think this was a work of art but the more I looked at pictures of the installation I realized that it was something I would want to go see. However art is supposed to be unique and original and this installation is just rain brought indoors. I understand that that probably hasn't been done but rain itself has. Everyone who has access to this show has seen rain i that fact that I myself would even want to go to this installation makes me doubt my own opinion.

Rain Room review

I love the idea idea of the Rain Room and am glad it was installed. It's best for the area's health to make sure the water is tested especially in a place where it doesn't rain all the time. I also really like the photo that was taken for it. The black and white colors and dark lighting give it a nice old noir and the placement of people rain and mist build on an atmosphere that contrasts the sunny and colorful state that California is known to me.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Rain Room Installation Political Cue

First I would like to point out that this installation is one of the most sophisticated pieces of work I've heard about. The article did not give too much information about the installation. However, I did gather enough information to know that this installation is genius. I like that the rain rom recycles water and is tested on a daily basis to make sure its up to standard health. I also like how the rain never actually touch you but you are some how interacting with the piece. I would like to know more about the mechanism behind this installation and the artist. I would also like to point out the political trigger behind this installation due to the fact that there have been drought in California which makes the rain valuable to this are.

Rain Room Installation

Installations are very intriguing to me, and the rain room is no exception. I find it very interesting to see the Rain room which flows 317 gallons of water a minute placed in Los Angeles for an amount of time. These people value the water from rain so much more than other areas of the world that I feel like it is a fantastic idea to let people experience this installation. Below I posted my Current favorite installation by Richard Serra.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

List of "isms" and Artists

Impressionism 5
Edouard Manet
Claude Monet
Edgar Degas
Mary Cassatt

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Post Impressionist 3

Vincent Van Gogh
Paul Gauguin
Paul Cezanne

Fauvism 4
Georges Rouault
Amedeo Modigliani

Expressionism 5
Karl Schmidt Rotluff
Emil Nolde
Wassily Kandinsky
Edvard Munch
Max Beckman

Cubism 2
Georges Braque
Pablo Picasso

• Dada  3
Marcel Duchamp
Jean Arp
Max Ernst

• Surrealism 2
Salvador Dali
Renee Magritte

Abstract Expressionism 3
Jackson Pollock
William DeKooning
Mark Rothko

• Pop Art
Andy Warhol
Roy Lichtenstein
Robert Rauschenberg
Jean Michel Basquiat 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Brief History of Western Art




Mount Saint Mary College
Enjoying Modern Art Course Syllabus

Course Number:       ART4017                                                        Credits:          3         
Course Title:              Enjoying Modern Art            
Professor:                   Gary Jacketti
Office Hours:             Monday, Wednesday before or after class
e-mail:                         gjac4166@my.msmc.edu
blog:                            http://modernart2017msmc.blogspot.com
Class Times:               Tue/Thu, 3:55 to 5:10

Course Outcomes:  The objective of this course is to introduce and understand the concepts, theories and movements associated with modern art.  They will develop an understanding of the reasoning and time in the context of art history.  This will occur with slide presentations, documentaries and movies associated with the period and artists.  The students will be introduced to the various techniques and mediums and explore projects related to the various Modern Art movements.  They will also be able to recognize the difference between modern and contemporary art through readings, discussions, blogs, presentations and 2 required field trips.

Grading and Evaluation Students will need to complete 8 projects, post weekly to the class blog, and take a mid term and final examination covering the materials and history in the text.  Attendance is mandatory.  Three unexcused missed classes will result in the dropping of the letter grade by 1, 5 absences the grade will be lowered by 2.  I will evaluate the content as follows:
Midterm Exam              25%
Blog Posts                   15%
Projects                        35%
Final Exam                   25%

Division of Arts and Letters Grading Policy
Grade Equivalent
Quality Points
Very Good
Above Average
Below Average

This is a group experiment, and this will be a work in progress.  The idea is to be actively involved in the reporting of the arts in the media, i.e. newspapers, magazines and the web.  We will then post these ideas to create a body of research and ideas directly published on the web.

The students will be introduced to projects using a variety of mediums designed to synthesize, understand and interpret the movements associated with the movements of Modern Art.

There will be two exams in this course which will cover materials from the text and the lectures.   

Course Schedule and Readings

Week 1                                                Introduction, Review of Syllabus, Q & A
                        Overview of Western Art
Chapter 1: Modernism and Its Origins in the 19th                                                   Century
Media: Vincent and Theo

Week 2                                                Chapter 2; Seurat, Cezanne and the Language of                                                                  Structure
Week 3                                                Chapter 3: Gauguin and Van Gogh, and the                                                                          Language of Vision
Week 4                                                Chapter 7: Expressionism in France,
                        Matisse and The Fauves
                                                            Media:  Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo

Week 5                                                Chapter 8:  Expressionism in Germany, The Bridge                                                               and the Blue Rider
Week 6                                                Chapter 9:  The Cubist Revolution:  Braque and                                                                    Picasso
Week 7                                                Studio Week
                                                            Mid-Term Review
Week 8                                                Mid-Term Critiques and Exam

Week 9                                                Chapter 11: Dada and Fantastic Art
                                                            Media: Jackson Pollock

Week 10                                              Chapter 12: Surrealism: The Resolution of Dream                                                                                         and Reality

Week 11                                              Chapter 16: American Art in the Wake of the                                                                                                Armory Show

Week 12                                              Chapter 17: The New York School: Abstract                                                                                                 Expressionism

Week 13                                              Chapter 19:  American Art of the Sixties: Pop Art                                                                                        and Minimalism
                                                            Media: Basquait       

Week 14                                              Studio Week
                                                            Final Review

Week 15                                              Final Critiques and Exam