Thursday, May 11, 2017

Eric Fischl’s Paintings of Trump’s America

Eric Fischl’s Paintings of Trump’s America definitely doesn't show Donald's good side for sure. Beside the fact that it is Donald Trump I think the artist did a really good job with the colors. I liked that he painted the painting right after the election, I had the same reaction with the election he was surprised and confused by the outcome.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Eric Fishcl - Late America

This work by Eric Fishcl is a rather controversial one. Many believe that the old man keeling over next to the young boy holding the flag is supposed to symbolize his passing of responsibilities to a younger generation, as he is to old to carry on. Others claim that because he is white the painting is meant to say that white people don't know what to do. Regardless of what you think, it's a nicely coated painting with a sort of simplicity to it that makes it special. Very interesting in my opinion.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Eric Fishcl's Late America

Late America is a charged political piece in reaction to our newest election results. This piece has some very interesting concepts that I would like to recognize. First of all the use of dark colors and a ominous background adds to a possible feeling of almost an impending doom. Secondly the white man lying down is an unwritten message regarding the white man not having the answers.

Daddy's Gone, Girl

While I think all of Eric Fishcl's new paintings are really well portrayed. I like this one the most. It has a depressed feel to it when you look at the lady and see her alcohol next to her, but then seems happy at the same time because the dog is swimming and it's sunny out. I think this portrays America right now, well.
I think that this painting is disturbing in that it gives the feeling that our older generation has made a mess of things, being the old man on the ground, and now the responsibility has been passed to the next genertation, being the child, in order to survive.

Eric Fischl

I think Fischl's pieces are amazing. The pool setting and its metaphorically meaning mentioned is genius. I think that a lot of the paintings' messages can be open for interpretation. However, it is clear that the control is lost. I think that maybe it's showing the fall of the rich dominant white man in America. The son hovering over the father draped in the flag shows the future, unsure of what's so wrong with the world- what the father could be so upset about. Children see nothing wrong with politics and race in general for that matter which could be why a youth is represented as America, showing hope. The daughter being set with a drink in a black gown is obviously post-father's funeral. According to the meaning of his past daddy's girl paintings, maybe she is free of him and his possible abuse. Or, maybe, she is a product of her father's ideas on social rank based on money and race and therefore the death of her rich father is the changing of her world that she was taught to live in-it is too late for her.

Daddy’s Gone, Girl by Eric Fischl

Cute Dog

On a more serious note America does feel like its in a dark time and these images capture that feeling within the emotion of the people in the paintings while still being a vibrant, colorful sunny days.