Thursday, April 20, 2017

Theaster Gates, Sanctum, Temple Church Bristol, UK

I choose the Temple Church in Bristol UK, because It gives off a very natural and holistic vibe. The temple was built from salvaged pieces around the area after World War II. The temple in my opinion represents that its not about the venue of the arts but the performance. 

Louise Nevelson, The Chapel Of The Good Shepherd

           I chose this work by Louise Nevelson because its a very refreshing modern take on the chapels you seen done over centuries. This abstract chapel captures every bit that it should look like while still standing out using it unique style. Alone the abstract pieces on the wall are enough to make this beautiful but adding the whole atmosphere really ties it together. Right in our vicinity of Midtown Manhattan its defiantly something worth checking out.

Bee Chapel

The Bee Chapel by Terence Koh is a very alternative piece to say the least. It gives the subject a close up view of bees which are separated by the metal mesh as seen in the picture. The chapel is only small enough to fit one subject at a time, and the bees access the outside world with tubes that allow them to go out and collect pollen. sound is a key component of this chapel, and the natural setting is impressive as well. this piece is featured in seven parts at the Andrew Eldin gallery in Ny in 2016.

Theaster Gates, Sanctum, 2015


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The wooden design of the exterior is what drew me to this. Its history also incorporates to its look as well, as it is the ruins of  a previous bombing. The roof window is really cool as well as the front windows, which give it a welcoming look that draws you into it. 

Ellsworth Kelly, Austin Chapel, 2015

I chose this chapel because there were no pews shown. It's non-traditional to say the least. I also love the use of color in a way stain glass is not usually seen in a church. The colors resemble those of the LGBT community and I thought that it allowed for an open mind in church where people of at community might normally feel unwelcome.

I chose the 1978 Sister Chapel at PS1 in Queens not only because the beauty, details and colors of each piece but what it represents.  Sister Chapel is eleven  huge portraits of inspiration beautiful women that come from all different backgrounds. Greenstein collaborated with different female artists to get this done. This is a beautiful representation of womanhood, female empowerment and just the beauty and strength of women.

Temple Church, Bristol

This one stood out to me the most because of its woodsy exterior and interior, large windows to allow light and unique physique. It was bombed in WWII 1940 and was transformed using salvaged materials from nearby. It took 522 hours for it's beautiful transformation to be done. These artists were able to create a place that brings people together, they were able to incorporate a sense of comfort within the walls because of it's basic arches and woodsy feel.