Friday, April 28, 2017

Fearless Girl

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This is a very interesting and controversial work of art. Originally, it was just a bull standing there, appearing to charge down wall street. The charging bull, which represents the sort of free market economy we have here in the U.S. – is in my opinion the perfect work of art to go on wall street. However, later on (very recently) the little girl statue was added on to appear standing in front of the charging bull. This piece if meant to represent a fearless girl, which is meant to empower the modern feminist movement. Overall, I like both pieces but I think the fearless girl is simply out of place, also I think that it’s disrespectful to the other artists works (the bull), since it wasn’t his intention to have the girl there – and as a result changes the whole meaning of the art.

Dorotheenstadt Cemetery Memorial Chapel

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I picked the Dorotheenstadt Cemetery Memorial Chapel because I like the idea of having LED lights in a chapel. The unique blend of both warm and cool colors creates a very fascinating scene. It gives off good vibes and I really like how it draws attention to the room as a whole – creating an all inclusive atmosphere in the room. Overall, this is one of my favorite things we have looked at so far this year.

Wassily Kandinsky - abstract art

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Wassily Kandinsky, often referred to as the “father of abstract art”, produced some very unique paintings in the field of abstract art. His works are thought provoking, and even looking at some of his works just makes you wonder how in the world he was inspired to create such a thing. It would be very interesting to learn where some of influences come from. Wassily Kandinsky remains the most well known artist of the abstract movement.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Final Slides

fearless Girl

This is a very interesting piece. I personally enjoyed it because i'm intrigued by provocative statements in art and the impact that they have on others. Placement is everything in this particular work. The artist was clearly trying to convey a specific message to a certain group of people. I feel that it is a powerful message about workplace equality and comparable rights.

Fearless Girl

I love this statue, in fact, I like them both and exactly it's location. The fearless girl statue should stay up forever and people who take offense to it, don't need to go visit it, it's really that simple. Imagine the statue were a little boy, there would be nothing but good things said about it. Things like, the boy is so brave and strong or he's a protector. Why can't this little girl be brave and strong AND a protector without it getting negative feedback from the public. For whatever reason it was put there, people should disregard that and just appreciate the beauty of a little girl standing up for herself.

Fearless Girls translates into Equality

I personally think this should be a permanent figure on wall street because awareness needs to be brought to Gender Inequality and Women Empowerment everyday not just International Women's Day. I love the idea of using a young girl because this shows the upcoming women that they can be just as equal to men, while we may be little in society, our goals and ambitions must reflect our future as strong women.

I think it was important how they did not want to include the aspect of gender inequality, rather this was about women empowerment, the VP of Staet Global Advisor stated that it was not meant to be anything confrontational, rather it was there to represent a woman's place in society and that she can face anything.

The "Fearless Girl" statue in New York

I believe the sculpture of the Fearless Girl should stay in place and should not be taken down. I think that that piece challenges a male dominated field and that it is very positive. This sculpture is a great addition to the bull. Change is good and needed and people need to learn to get used to it.  I am glad that it stayed up  for longer than one week and i hope it stays there for good. This is an inspiring piece and I think its great it has started up so much conversation 

Fearless Girl

The Fearless Girl statue has caused many people to become divided over its purpose and wether it should remain there or not. I believe the the purpose wasn’t meant to be taken away from the bull’s meaning, but to add to it. I think it’s saying that all women should be equal to men in the workforce and it shows the goals of growing women. I don’t agree with the creator of the bull saying that the girl is attacking it because it’s not its showing how women can stand up for themselves and what they believe in. I think the Fearless girl is inspiring and should stay where it is and not be taken down. 

"Fearless Gir" by Arturo Di Modica

          I personally really like the idea of adapting a piece of art that been sitting there for ages, for a time. The reason why this artist is and most certainly should be mad is because its not a completely different thing then he envisioned and creating with blood sweat and many hours of hard work. The bull alone is an interesting symbol but honestly its been used as a sort of way to push peoples political agendas. People from both sides of the political spectrum are throwing around huge remarks about who is in the right what this piece means. I do love that a piece of art cant invoke such strong feeling on people but in the end everyone needs to just relax. Alone this piece would be great and people have the right to waste their time arguing about frivolous things but in the end you don't have the right to change someones else work without their permission .

Fearless Girl

I do not think that the fearless girl should be seen as a controversial issue, not only is it innocent and just representing a good cause for the rights of women, but the fact that some people are so appalled by it shows the real issue and why the statue is there in the first place. I think the statue is empowering to both women and young girls and that it should stay on Wall Street.
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The statue of the fearless girl has had much controversy about the image wall street holds with male domination. Personally I think the statue does challenge just that, and the fact that it causes another piece of art to look bad is ridiculous and wrong. It should not matter if you are male or female, if you have the skills to be part of the elite you will be. The fact that someone needs to pull a handicap card of gender discrimination is ridiculous.

Fearless girl

Fearless girl is a sculpture dropped in New York city back in March. I feel this scultupure is a symbol of the American dream, the fearless person taking on the challenges of the Big Apple, and looking at all the oppurnitys he or she has in this large city and country altogether

"Fearless Girl"

I personally like the new statue they have put up in the financial district. Not only does it having a meaning behind it but also a sense of empowerment for women in the financial world. New York is the epicenter of finance and is setting the agenda for everyone else, to raise involvement of women in the finance industry and corporations.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fearless Girl

The fact that people are taking offense to this statute is pitiful. The statute placement and meaning from my point of view is absolutely perfect. Here stands this young GIRL standing fearless in front of a giant intimidating bull who will easily trample her, but this doesn't stop the little girl for standing up and trying. Wall Street is the perfect location because this area of the city is know as a Financial District area and majority of the workers there are blue collar men, but this girl is the opposite of that impression. My hope is that this inspires more woman to act like this little girl to be fearless and not afraid to take a stand. 

Fearless Girl

The statue "Fearless Girl" on Wall Street has caused a lot of controversy because everyone has different opinions about the significance and actual meaning of the statue itself.  Most of the opinions about "Fearless Girl" are about feminism.  Some believe the statue promotes "fake corporate feminism" because people believe it is not really about promoting gender equality but is more of a publicity stunt.  One of the other big controversies is that it stands in front of the bull leading to a couple of theories.  One of them was that she was attacking the bull and another was that the bull was suppose to symbolize the booming economy.  But some assume it is protesting gender diversity in the finance world, the power of women, and more.  I can see why people believe this sculpture can come across as a big deal, however I think these issues are being exaggerated.  I do not know what the actual meaning or representation of it is, but I believe it depends on how we all perceive it individually.

Fearless Girl

I personally do not feel a need for Wall Street’s “Fearless Girl”.  I truly believe it represents feminism and divides our country even more than it already is.  My opinion aside, I do like the attention to detail the artist used to create the statue.   I like how vivid the facial features and how perfectly proportional it is.

Fearless Girl

This statue has created an uproar by many for its double meaning. Some people find it amazing that the girl challenges Wall Street's Charging Bull and some find it offensive to Arturo Di Modica. I believe that this statue should stay if the meaning is to encourage more women to play an active role in the corporate work force. However, if the purpose was to bring uproar, protests, and to pit women against the American economy then it is hard to support something like that. I find it inspiring that a message was sent for the girl to be a partner with the bull and represent the power of women. 

Fearless Girl Vs Fearful Change

I think the sculpture of fearless girl should remain where it is for as long as the bull is there. I think it's safe to say woman should have same rights as men, even though I believe this will change certain stigma that women have about men. This work does speak volumes and for the simple fact that it is so controversial it should remain there. Our society is so scared of change and new art challenging old ideas. There is nothing wrong with change and we should instead embrace it. This is the perfect example of art having a voice in our social and political atmosphere and this is what art should be about, Change, or inspiring change.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Theaster Gates, Sanctum, Temple Church Bristol, UK

I choose the Temple Church in Bristol UK, because It gives off a very natural and holistic vibe. The temple was built from salvaged pieces around the area after World War II. The temple in my opinion represents that its not about the venue of the arts but the performance. 

Louise Nevelson, The Chapel Of The Good Shepherd

           I chose this work by Louise Nevelson because its a very refreshing modern take on the chapels you seen done over centuries. This abstract chapel captures every bit that it should look like while still standing out using it unique style. Alone the abstract pieces on the wall are enough to make this beautiful but adding the whole atmosphere really ties it together. Right in our vicinity of Midtown Manhattan its defiantly something worth checking out.

Bee Chapel

The Bee Chapel by Terence Koh is a very alternative piece to say the least. It gives the subject a close up view of bees which are separated by the metal mesh as seen in the picture. The chapel is only small enough to fit one subject at a time, and the bees access the outside world with tubes that allow them to go out and collect pollen. sound is a key component of this chapel, and the natural setting is impressive as well. this piece is featured in seven parts at the Andrew Eldin gallery in Ny in 2016.

Theaster Gates, Sanctum, 2015


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The wooden design of the exterior is what drew me to this. Its history also incorporates to its look as well, as it is the ruins of  a previous bombing. The roof window is really cool as well as the front windows, which give it a welcoming look that draws you into it. 

Ellsworth Kelly, Austin Chapel, 2015

I chose this chapel because there were no pews shown. It's non-traditional to say the least. I also love the use of color in a way stain glass is not usually seen in a church. The colors resemble those of the LGBT community and I thought that it allowed for an open mind in church where people of at community might normally feel unwelcome.

I chose the 1978 Sister Chapel at PS1 in Queens not only because the beauty, details and colors of each piece but what it represents.  Sister Chapel is eleven  huge portraits of inspiration beautiful women that come from all different backgrounds. Greenstein collaborated with different female artists to get this done. This is a beautiful representation of womanhood, female empowerment and just the beauty and strength of women.

Temple Church, Bristol

This one stood out to me the most because of its woodsy exterior and interior, large windows to allow light and unique physique. It was bombed in WWII 1940 and was transformed using salvaged materials from nearby. It took 522 hours for it's beautiful transformation to be done. These artists were able to create a place that brings people together, they were able to incorporate a sense of comfort within the walls because of it's basic arches and woodsy feel.

Dorotheenstadt Cemetery Memorial Chapel

The one I liked the most was Dorotheenstadt Cemetery Memorial Chapel. The idea of the LED lights was very fascinating and the way they changed based on where the sun was is very unique. I liked how it brought together the natural and spiritual world. I think the idea of transcendent Chapels is very unique. I would imagine how hard it is to bring light installations into Chapels. These transcendent Chapels makes you look at them in a different way than you normally would have. Some of them make you feel like you’re in a museum rather than a Chapel. 

Dorotheenstadt Cemetery Memorial Chapel

A visit to the Dorotheenstadt Cemetery Memorial Chapel, created by James Turrell, appears to be a surreal experience.  What I find most interesting with this particular chapel are the light installations put in place.  The colors displayed inside the building when the sun sets truly captures the beauty of nature while incorporating many aspects of art.  I like the simplicity the artist used to create this chapel.  I like how something so simple (the lighting) can have a huge impact on the artist’s work.