Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fearless Girl

The statue "Fearless Girl" on Wall Street has caused a lot of controversy because everyone has different opinions about the significance and actual meaning of the statue itself.  Most of the opinions about "Fearless Girl" are about feminism.  Some believe the statue promotes "fake corporate feminism" because people believe it is not really about promoting gender equality but is more of a publicity stunt.  One of the other big controversies is that it stands in front of the bull leading to a couple of theories.  One of them was that she was attacking the bull and another was that the bull was suppose to symbolize the booming economy.  But some assume it is protesting gender diversity in the finance world, the power of women, and more.  I can see why people believe this sculpture can come across as a big deal, however I think these issues are being exaggerated.  I do not know what the actual meaning or representation of it is, but I believe it depends on how we all perceive it individually.

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