Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Un Chien Andalou

In this video a man was staring out his window at the moon after using a razor blade on his balcony. It quickly then switched over to a man riding his bike and then being in a room with a woman who he later molested. I thought that the ants in his hands scenes were very strange as well as the woman who stands in the middle of traffic and is hit by a car. The first woman tries to escape while the man tries to get her but the whole experience was quite uncomfortable in my opinion. It again switches to a man sleeping in a nun's outfit being woken up by (hands) as a doorbell. An angry man walks in making the man in the nun's outfit stand against the wall as a punishment. It switches again to a man getting shot from a gun that was originally books. The scene switches once again to a woman who applies her lipstick, shows her armpit hair, and sticks her tongue out at the original man and leaves. Somehow when she opens the door, she is on a beach and kisses a third man. The last scenes shows the two buried in the sand. I felt this entire video made no sense because there were so many scenes with no direction and people and objects would just disappear.

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