Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Kathe Kollwitz: Poor, Emotional, Portraits.

This is a etching and drypoint piece by Käthe Kollwitz from 1910. I choose this artist for a few reasons. The first reason is because she primarily focus on portraits which is what I mostly do. Secondly, she like to create portraits that displays a lot of emotions. Lastly, her work subjects are most poor people especially woman and children. I chose this specific piece because it hold all of her value in one piece. In this piece, which is a self portrait, one can feel the sadness and grief beaming from the face of the subject. The emotions are so vividly displayed that it is almost impossible for one not to feel for the subject. The technique is also very fitting and appropriate because it has such strong texture and lines. This kind of work is what i aspire to do some day. One that hold emotional values. One that will grab and hold your attention. One that will leave a lasting impression of what the subject is going through.

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