Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Un Chien Andalou

After watching this film, I found it overall to be very bizarre, strange, and unusual.  I did not understand what it was about and am unsure how this relates to art in any way because I did not see any type of art being shown, used, or mentioned at all.  Also, the title in English means, "An Andalusian Dog", which I also found confusing because there were no dogs and no connection to Andalusia which is in Spain, not in France where it seems this video takes place.  This film really seems to be about the love story between a man and a woman, that was what I got from it because it constantly showed the two of them and their interactions with another, like any other love story.  In my opinion, some of the parts such as, the ants on the guys hand, the woman being hit by the car, the man dragging the other men and the piano, the gun scene, the scene in the woods, the man and woman on the beach together, and many more.  Overall, this video was weird and pointless because it made no sense at all from the title, having no connection or relation to anything, and jumping from one random scene to another.

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