Sunday, March 26, 2017


Throughout the semester we've looked at many different artist. One of the most influential artist in my opinion is Paul Cezanne. Cezanne has made a lot of innovative contributions to Modern Art through his work.

Cezanne was a French artist and part of the Post-Impressionist era. He most widely known for laying the transitional ground work from Impressionist to the Post-Impressionist, even being referred as the "Father of of us all" by artist like Matisse and Picasso. Cezanne changed the course of art drastically with his multiple complex views of the same subject. Something that would affect the development of modern art immensely. He looked at art in a brand new way, one that artist to this day still try to recreate. He liberated form from color in his art and when working looked at as constructing a picture rather then painting it. In the art world it is often asked, "where would art be today, if Cezanne didn't change it?" That question right there solidifies his legacy and simply summarize how influential his contributions were in my opinion. Though before this class I wouldn't call myself a fan of art, I can now say I appreciate Cezanne's work. The card players series for example, you feel like you're right there with the people in the same room. Cezanne is a one of a kind person, someone who comes into something and changes it forever. Jackie Robinson and Michael Jordan, who changed the course of their sports and are immortalized because of it, is the closest comparison I can make, to how Cezanne changed art. He has been dead for over 110 years, and his techniques and ideologies are still used to this day in art. Cezanne's affect on art is everlasting.

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