Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Henri Matisse- Midterm Essay

Henri Matisse, an artist born in December of 1866 in Northern France, was greatly known for his use of color and style in all of his art work. He was labelled a Fauve and the greatest colorist of the twentieth century. Around 1900, Fauvism was introduced and it was led by Matisse and Andre Derain. Fauvism is a style of art where colors are separated from its descriptive, representational purpose. The Fauves also used color to project a mood or establish structure without it having to be true to the normal and natural world. 
Henri Matisse’s goal was to value individual expression. Matisse also believed that an individual’s emotional response should be projected on a painting. Although the movement only lasted a few years, many believed that it was an important precursor to Cubism and Expressionism. The artwork of Matisse was also important to modern art because it endorsed the value of decoration. Matisse is widely known today for his colorful tendencies that were originally seen as extremely obnoxious and very objectionable. He wanted there to be no restrictions in an individual’s artwork.

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